Facts & Figures

Real Talk: Cash, Facts and Entrepreneuring

Airbrush tanning has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the tanning industry. No matter your education level or experience, anyone can learn how to start a successful spray tan business.

With minimal space required and low overhead costs, it's easy to set up and build your business while transitioning from your current job to being your own boss. There's a variety of ways you can start tanning whether it's offering mobile airbrush tanning, renting space at a salon, spa, or gym, or setting up an in-home studio.

We'll go over the pros and cons of each option and guide you step by step with airbrush tanning training, certification, equipment and marketing support. This isn't a quick, get rich scheme. We're invested in your success and want to support your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Airbrush Profit Margins

With spray tanning, your business can make a $40 sale in just 15 minutes. The solution cost for a full-body application is as low as $2.10.

The average mark-up for an airbrush session is over 1000% based on a $40 cost to the customer. Two to three ounces of solution is enough for a full-body airbrush and each gallon of solution can tan up to 50 bodies. 

Because we're not sponsored or endorsed, we offer honest advice and opinions on which tanning solutions have been proven to be the most reliable in shipping time and costs, derived from the most natural, safe and organic ingredients that'll also keep your clients tanned for 7-10 days. In fact, we test new solutions every month to help save you time and money, and keep our clients loyal. 
The Difference Between Us vs. Them

We believe learning the technique is 30% of your business, whereas marketing and growing your business is 70%  of your success rate.

 We offer real-life marketing support that includes web design, business cards, SEO, perfect Yelp ratings, social media, and marketing to get 100 clients through your door your first year in business

We're still currently in business, just like you, growing and tanning clients in our Phoenix, Arizona studio. This allows us to share a unique and valuable perspective as a business owner and entrepreneur. In addition, we keep a close eye on new market trends, services, equipment and solution that's merging in the Industry.

We're Entrepreneurs and understand numbers, logistics, profit and loss analysis, and offer the same knowledge and tools that have made us successful to you.